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Based out of Philladelphia, US and Chesterfield, UK the Shenandoah Studio, LLC is a new game company focusing on the exciting field of tablet devices. Our motto is “Games for gamers”, and we believe we have the chance to bring the best of tabletop gaming to the electronic world as it has rarely been done before.

Before incorporation we were named “Project Simonsen” for the late Redmond A. Simonsen, co-founder of the legendary wargame company Simulations Publications (SPI) during the 1980’s and mentor to our founder Eric Lee Smith. Redmond was responsible for inventing many game design and graphic design techniques used to this day, and under his leadership SPI produced an astonishing number of high-quality games even with the relatively primitive publishing technology available back then. They did this by putting the game designer at the center of the production process, and by an unrelenting commitment to systematizing the production process while putting out great games.

We started Shenandoah because we believe that somewhere along the way, electronic game design got lost. Modern game companies often focus their efforts on megahit games that feature wonderful (and expensive!) 3-D graphics, animation, sound, and real-time interaction, but little innovation in the game design itself. It’s safer to turn out yet another ‘Unreal’ or ‘Call of Duty’ clone and to impress people with better animation and cutscenes, than try to design a better game. Result: when game projects cost hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of dollars nobody feels empowered to take risks.

That’s not the way board game companies operate, of course. Their main concern is first making sure there’s a reason for people to play their game: because it’s novel, or fun and easy to play, or a good simulation of what happened in history. They do that by paying attention to the design of the game itself, not just to its presentation. We believe that by tapping into these practices and the enormous pool of talented game designers working in the board games world today, we can bring a new kind of game to the marketplace. A game that’s engrossing because it’s deep, not because it has the latest in 3D accelerated graphics. A game that brings you something new and rewarding each time you play it. A game with low enough development costs that we don’t have to bet our company every time we put one out – so we can take risks, and pass the rewards of those risks on to our players.

We believe the time is especially ripe for this now with the emergence of tablet computers. Previous attempts to bring board games to electronic formats were hampered by the fact that the physical experiences of moving pieces and drawing counters didn’t map well to existing computer controls (all scrolling, all the time). With the touch-screen technology of Apple’s iPad and other tablets, we can translate the board gaming experience to the digital world as no one has been able to do before.

Ultimately, we’re doing this because we are gamers, gaming is our way of life, and we want to bring out the kinds of games WE want to play. We hope you’ll join us for the ride, and have as much fun as we expect to.


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Slitherine Group Acquires Shenandoah Studio

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Slitherine Group acquires Shenandoah Studio

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