Battle of the Bulge Support

Check out the game’s FAQ Page on our Forums. We have some interface tips and tricks there as well as a list of known issues.

If you’re just wondering why something did or didn’t happen, you can download the complete game rules.

You can post your issue on our Technical Support Forum. There you can receive help from other Bulge players as well as from Shenandoah staff.

Our Twitter account @TSS_Bulge is a good informal way to contact us.

If you’ve found a possible bug, the best way to report it is from inside the game. From the map screen, tap-tap-hold on the dials under the Undo button. This lets you email us with a screenshot and saved game. Please fill out as much as you can (especially any reproduction steps).

If you’re having trouble relating to the App Store, we can’t directly help. You will need to contact Apple.

Or contact us using the form below.


Help us help you. Please let us know what version of the game you’re using, and include as many details as you can about what you were doing when your problem occurred. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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