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Battle of the Bulge is back!

Posted on August 26th, by marco in Battle of the Bulge. 2 comments

A new dawn for Shenandoah!

We have been working hard for months on many projects, both announced and unannounced and today we are proud to announce the first stepping-stone of this quiet revolution!

A new version of our first classic game, Battle of the Bulge, is coming to PC, iPhone, iPad and Mac and it will be available on September 17th!

The game engine was ported to a different technology in order to support more platforms and expand Shenandoah’s legacy into the future. There are also numerous improvements to the game including a much improved AI opponent.

Now you will be able to play multiplayer matches across different platforms, using proprietary PBEM++ system and participate in official tournaments, using the new tournaments system recently launched by Slitherine last month.

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Battle of the Bulge PC goes beta

Posted on March 27th, by marco in Battle of the Bulge. 2 comments

Join the ranks! Battle of the Bulge is open for Pc Beta!

Shenandoah’s masterpiece Battle of the Bulge, was released for iPad over two years ago. It has been acclaimed as “a must-have for anyone with an interest in historical wargaming” (TouchArcade 10/10), “sleek and accesible turn-based strategy game” (148Apps 9/10) and “simply a great game” (Quarter to Three 10/10).

We have been working hard in making this possible and we are not ready to launch the first beta call for the PC version of the game!

In the mid of January 1944 the last German attempt to regain initiative on the Western Front is launched.

Over 200,000 men and 340 tanks, previously secretly massed and hidden, sprung into action crossing the Ardenne’s Forest with the aim to split the allied forces  in two and to repel the invaders to the beaches.

In this turn-based … Read More »

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Your chance to own the whole Shenandoah line-up!

Posted on February 24th, by marco in Blog. No Comments

Ipad Generals!
If the sounds of clashing tanks and the roaring of artilleries are set as your alarm clock, we have something special for you!

The whole Shenandoah line-up, including Battle of the Bulge, Drive on Moscow and Desert Fox: The Battle of El Alamein is bundled and discounted at only $ 19.99.

These turn based games are set during the World War II and they will put you in command during three major military operations of that time! Easy to learn, but with a great strategic depth each game is packed with fun for casual and veteran players alike.

Check out the Metacritic scores for all three games and be amazed!

Battle of the Bulge – 85
Drive on Moscow – 90
Desert Fox: The Battle of El Alamein – 84

Grab all the games here!

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Gettysburg now approaching beta phase

Posted on February 20th, by marco in Blog, Gettysburg: The Tide Turns, Home. No Comments

Gettysburg is now almost ready to go beta.
We are now planning an ETA of end of March to kick off the beta phase for the game. Of course Gettysburg will feature the same level of playability and strategic depth that we are known for, as well as the polish and intuitive interface that made Bulge so exciting to gaming veterans and so welcoming to people who had never played a wargame before.
So if you feel up to the task, keep checking the Slitherine beta area and we will also be posting the news here when we make the beta of Gettysburg available!

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Desert Fox is Pocket Tactics Wargamer of the Year runner up!

Posted on December 17th, by marco in Blog. No Comments

Desert Fox has been awarded Wargame of the Year runner up by Pocket Tactics!

“Even with its unfamiliar geography and modified campaign rules, Desert Fox still boasts the accessible core mechanics and careful craftsmanship that have made the Crisis in Command games something special. Mastering those ridges and driers and blasting an opponent out of a sodding minefield were among the year’s best gaming highs – don’t pass it up for fear of a little sand“.

Thanks to Pocket Tactics for the award and to all the fans for making Desert Fox so popular!

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Slitherine Group Acquires Shenandoah Studio

Posted on September 4th, by Eric Lee Smith in Blog, News, Shenandoah Studio. 4 comments

Slitherine Press Announcement  – For Immediate Release

For inquiries, please contact: Olivier Georges,

Slitherine Group acquires Shenandoah Studio

Fine makers of strategy games to continue evolution of portable wargaming

Epsom, UK – September 03 2014.

The Slitherine Group announces that it is partnering with Shenandoah Studio to ensure that their innovative titles have the benefit of multi-channel distribution, backed by the development resources needed to achieve their full potential. Shenandoah Studio, the development house behind iPad successes such Battle of the Bulge and Drive on Moscow, is winner of many awards. The US-based developer was a breath of fresh air bringing innovation to the strategy genre on iOS thanks to a clever, streamlined game design and a state-of-the-art game engine.

“As Shenandoah has grown, the needs of supporting, upgrading, and distributing our current titles imposed ever-increasing burdens on our ability to move ahead with the new material our customers want“, said … Read More »

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Reviews on Desert Fox

Posted on July 17th, by intern in El Alamein, News. No Comments

Reviews on Desert Fox: The Battle of El Alamein are out!
Click here to read articles at Pocket Tactics, Touch Arcade, Pocket Gamer and more.

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Gettysburg: The Tide Turns Art Diary – From Photos to Etchings

Posted on May 22nd, by Pat Ward in Gettysburg: The Tide Turns. No Comments

In a shared folder for Gettysburg: The Tide Turns on our company network a few weeks ago, I saw a bunch of copies of photos of my face suddenly appear. They were added by Art Director Pat Ward, so I reached out to him to see what was up.

It turns out our art department has been hard at work creating filters to make regular photographs appear as etchings. This process will allow us to use a wider range of images and, yet, ensure that they all maintain a cohesive look and feel. – Brad Cummings

Here’s Pat Ward with an explanation of his process:

The historical sections of our Crisis in Command games have always been important to us so naturally we have every intention of including the same level of background information and visual detail in Gettysburg. I wanted to be … Read More »

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Soldiers’ Stories from the Battle of El Alamein

Posted on April 30th, by Brad in Blog, Gettysburg: The Tide Turns. 1 Comment

Desert Fox: The Battle of El Alamein covers a sweeping campaign from the point of view of a commander. In each of those digital units are individual soldiers who fought with bravery. This week we have collected a few stories from soldiers at the Battle of El Alamein from the excellent  WW2 People’s War from BBC and other sources.

1. In Debt to the Battalion

Thomas Arthur Murray with the 10th Armoured Division of the 8th Army served and was wounded during Operation Lightfoot. He shared his experience up to the battle starting in summer 1942. One highlight is an officer who informed Murray that if he did not survive the battle, one of the officers would have to pay his 5 pound debt to the battalion. Murray explained he would do his best to make it through. War really shifts perspectives.

Read the full … Read More »

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5 Films to Get You Ready for Gettysburg: The Tide Turns

Posted on April 16th, by Brad in Blog, Gettysburg: The Tide Turns. 3 comments

Gettysburg: The Tide Turns captures the heart of the Civil War, immersing you as commander in one of the most important battles of the war. We are building a game that will be both strategic, fun, and thematic. We are still hard at work on development and look forward to getting the game in your hands as soon as we can. In the mean time, why not check out five films we recommend for getting in the American Civil War spirit. Have a film you love that we missed? Let us know in the comments.

1. Gettysburg

This Behemoth of a film captures this decisive battle of the American Civil War. Based on the novel The Killer Angels, it is a staggeringly large film, covering events surrounding the battle as well as the battle itself.

2. Glory

In Glory, Rober Gould Shaw leads the American Civil War’s … Read More »

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Q&A Session with Desert Fox Designer Mark Herman, Watch Now!

Posted on April 15th, by Brad in Blog, Gettysburg: The Tide Turns. No Comments

Live Q&A Session with Designer Mark Herman
Time & Place: Google Hangout OnAir, Thursday, April 17th at 4:00pm EDT

Head here to watch the broadcast:


Why is the map divided the way it is?
What are the space names based on?
Why were Flak guns added to Desert Fox?

You have questions, and we have the man with the answers. Join us Thursday as we sit down with designer Mark Herman to chat about Desert Fox: The Battle of El Alamein.

With every game in our Crisis in Command series, we attempt to capture the important elements of the historical situation while also creating a fun game. Much of this responsibility falls on the designer. Join us as we talk with Mark Herman about how he made this happen in Desert Fox.


About Mark Herman:

Mark Herman is a renowned historical strategy game designer and winner of three … Read More »

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Development Diary: Tim and Travis Bid Farewell

Posted on March 28th, by Brad in Blog, Gettysburg: The Tide Turns. 2 comments

Tim Day and Travis Chandler have been working at Shenandoah Studio for the past six months and, later this week, will head back to Drexel University to continue their studies. In the past we’ve highlighted their work on Drive on Moscow and other projects.

For the past few months they have been focused on Gettysburg: The Tide Turns, contributing to the complex groundwork for the game. I sat down with them for a quick chat before they leave, focusing on their Gettysburg work and a their time at Shenandoah Studio.

Brad: Can you tell me a little bit about your specific role in the Gettysburg development?


When I first started working on Gettysburg, I was working on developing some basic tests to make sure the groundwork for the game was properly in place. Things like the functionality of moving units, and checking the amount … Read More »

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Slitherine Group Acquires Shenandoah Studio

Slitherine Press Announcement  – For Immediate Release

For inquiries, please contact: Olivier Georges,

Slitherine Group acquires Shenandoah Studio

Fine makers of strategy games to continue evolution of portable wargaming


Reviews on Desert Fox

Reviews on Desert Fox: The Battle of El Alamein are out! Click here to read articles at Pocket Tactics, Touch Arcade, Pocket Gamer and more.