Ed Sullivan (not that one!) Joins the Shenandoah Board of Advisors

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Ed Sullivan (not that one!) Joins the Shenandoah Board of Advisors

Ed Sullivan

Ed Sullivan, Founder and CEO of G2Link Joins Our Advisor Board

We are happy to announce that Ed Sullivan has joined our Board of Advisors. Ed is a serial entrepreneur and has unique expertise in online billing systems for game companies and other online marketing companies. In that capacity he was founder and CEO of Aria Systems, which has such minor accounts as Disney, EMC Corp., Ingersoll Rand, and others. Today Ed is the founder and CEO of a new company, G2Link, which is a reputation and trust building firm. Here’s how he describes himself on his site:

“Edward Sullivan is the CEO and Founder of G2Link. An accomplished executive with over 20 years of experie nce building and managing technology driven companies, Ed is a serial entrepreneur and investor having started 5 companies where he has raised over $70M in private equity and created $700M in exits for investors and shareholders. Previously, Ed was the Founder and CEO of Aria Systems, an on demand billing and customer management platform and LaserLink.net, the world’s first and largest Virtual Internet Service Provider. He has worked closely with many large companies as either a customer or partner including Apple, HP, IBM, Disney, Dreamworks, SONY, Cisco, CSC, VMWare and EMC. Ed also serves on the Board of Directors of several startups and is the Chairman of a rapidly growing non-profit. He has 4 children and one grandson.”

Ed is also a local boy, having graduated from Drexel University here in Philadelphia with a degree in electrical engineering.

Ed brings to the Studio a wealth of knowledge in growing companies, raising capital, game marketing, and business structures and finance

Welcome Ed!


Eric Lee Smith, CEO

Shenandoah Studio LLC

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