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Battle of the Bulge is a turn-based simulation of the largest battle the U.S. Army ever fought. Lead Axis panzers to the strategic Meuse River, or command the desperate Allied forces containing their advance.

Pincer Attack
Pinch & zoom in on a single unit, or out to see the entire battlefield. Play face-to-face against a friend, online through Game Center, or match wits with challenging computer opponents.

Serious Fun
Designer John Butterfield distilled the urgency and drama of the battle into an elegant, fast-paced game system with fast turns and deep strategy.

Battle of the Bulge- viewing the full game map
Viewing the full game map.

Key Features:
  • Play against AI opponents with distinct personalities.
  • Play against friends online or face to face.
  • Play several scenarios as the Axis or Allies.
  • Extensive historical photos and commentary.
  • Coming soon: Universal version, Japanese and Spanish translations.

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What is Battle of the Bulge and how can I get it?
Battle of the Bulge is a turn-based wargame by designer John Butterfield, developed by The Shenandoah Studio for the Apple iPad. It is a historical simulation of the last major German offensive on the Western Front of World War II. It is available exclusively through the App Store.

What systems will Battle of the Bulge run on? Are there any plans to port the game to other platforms?
Battle of the Bulge will run on any Apple device running iOS 5.0 or later for iPad and iOS 6 or later for iPhone and iPod Touch. For other platforms, while we don’t rule out such a project for the future, we currently have no plans to do it.

What is the Crisis in Command series?
Crisis in Command is a series of operational level iOS wargames, simulating major conflicts of World War 2. Based on the system established in Battle of the Bulge by designer John Butterfield, games in this series share area-based movement, combat mechanics, and basic game rules. Each title also includes new mechanics, new units, and more as needed for the historical situation. Crisis in Command puts you in the shoes of some of history’s greatest military commanders, making the tough decisions, and leading your forces to victory.

Read more on our FAQ Forum.

Check out the game’s FAQ Page on our Forums. We have some interface tips and tricks there as well as a list of known issues.

If you’re just wondering why something did or didn’t happen, you can download the complete game rules.

You can post your issue on our Technical Support Forum. There you can receive help from other Bulge players as well as from Shenandoah staff.

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Slitherine Group Acquires Shenandoah Studio

Slitherine Press Announcement  - For Immediate Release

For inquiries, please contact: Olivier Georges,

Slitherine Group acquires Shenandoah Studio

Fine makers of strategy games to continue evolution of portable wargaming


Designer Chat with Mark Herman on Youtube

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